English grammar

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2. Look. It (begin) _______ to rain. Unfortunately, I (have, not) _______ my umbrella with me. Tom is lucky. He (wear)_______ a raincoat.
3. I (own, not) _______ an umbrella. I (wear) _______ a waterproof hat on rainy days.
4. Right now, I (look) _______ around the classroom. Yoko(write) _______ in her book. Carlos (bite) _______ his pencil. Wan-Ning (scratch) _______ his head. Ahmed (stare) _______ out the window. He (seem) __________ to bedaydreaming, but perhaps he (think) _______ hard about verb tenses. What (think, you) _______ Ahmed(do) _______?
5. There’s a book on my desk, but it (belong, not)______________ to me.
6. Dennis (fix) ______________ the roof of his house today, and he (need) ______________ some help. Can you help him?
7. Barbara (tutor, often)______________ other students in her math class. This afternoon she (help) ______________ Steve with his math assignment because he (understand, not) ______________ thematerial they (work) ______________ on in their class this week.
8. Right now I (look) ______________ at Janet. She (look) ______________ angry. I wonder what’s the matter.She (have) ______________ a frown on her face. She certainly (have, not) ______________ any fun right now.
9. A: Who is that woman who (stand) ______________ next tothe window?
B: Which woman? (talk you) ______________ about the woman who (wear) ______________ the blue and gold dress?
A: No, I (talk, not) ______________about her. I (mean) ______________ the woman who (wear) ______________ the blue suit.
B: Oh. I (know, not) ______________. I (recognize, not) ______________ her.
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