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Geddes and White (1978) recommend the use of the authentic material as much are possible in education, since they themselves have noticed, this movement towards the authenticity in the education ofthe language, reflect an increase in interest towards the communicative functions in the last years, the use of the authentic material must occur even though seems that the unpublished” and “nonpedagogical” materials “can create more problems of those than they are possible to solve, since the authentic materials, are frequently difficult to select, to obtain or to be included by the students oflow levels.
So that to use authentic materials in the hall classes, according to Gower, Phillips and Walter (1995) that is to say, among others reasons, because they are real but interesting andintrinsically motivates, and give to the students much confidence with respect to the language when they are able to understand what the express material.

Nevertheless, it cannot be so useful, the useof authentic material, when it is not constructed of a correct way, the planning, his use, the adjustment of the materials in the hall classes; because it can cause in the students a vagueness in hislearning and to the opposite to get to motivate them, it can be boring and stressing


It is necessary to recognize like educational, the responsibility that is had in the educativescope, and we must know the needs the adolescents is not enough to learn to learn, since trough of the experience, I have stated that one of the problems which they face the students in the developmentof the own abilities linguistic of the learning of a language, corresponds to the lack of understanding of the language and understanding that the use of the authentic materials, is not the unique toolthat can help to the improvement and learning of the English language, but is a fundamental element within the same. It is for that reason that becomes necessary to include within curricula the use...
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