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In a word with globalization it is really important to manage the English language due to in all touristic sector is required fluentcy of foreigners , that is why that in the presentresearching national zoo of el Salvador it is showing to know objectives identify of the problem and title of the research.

Developing; the stages of information nextly the general dates so to say ; precedents and geographical localization subsequently the problem identify it is showing the decision stage , that has design and ideas in order to have a immediatly solution to face the problem .In the same way; it contains recommendations, enclosements and the conclusion.


To give general information to foreigner tourists about the national park zoo in El Salvador


* To create a brochure in English and Spanish language to provide general information about the zoo.

* To increase the influx of foreigner tourist comingto visit the zoo


The problem that we have identified is that in the zoo there is not a brochure in English and Spanish due to this, foreigner tourists can find some problems because there is not information in English language and this can bring uncomfortable during their visit to this place.

Therefore this is the main problem in relation to this place.TITLE OF THE PROYECT

To create a brochure in the English – Spanish languages in order to give or show general information to the national tourist and internationals too that visit this place.


The problem that we could see at the zoo is that it is missing a brochure for tourist because it has to be in the English and Spanish languages just due to there are chartand they don’t have all the information that is why our porpoise of solution is about creating a brochure in the English and Spanish that it could give us general information about the zoo thus; the national and foreigners tourist can visit this place in a practical and use full way the entertainment in order to have a better understanding about animals and more visitors at the zoo.THEORETICAL FRAME

When it was found?
May, 26th 1953 during the presidency of the lieutenant and colonel Oscar Osorio and the direction of Mr. Eduardo fisher.
Which ones are the objectives for that all the zoo´s works?
All the zoo´s a world level work for four objectives:
-have fun
-what´s depending of the zoo of El Salvador?
Zoo park national direction of cultural develops space,cultural secretary of the presidency of the republic.

How many animals start the zoo park?
This start with a lote of 208 animals of different species.
how many areas it has divided the collection of animals in the zoo park ?
the collection it has divide d in 3 areas :
* Mastozology
* Ornithology
* Herpetology

What is the herpetology of the zoo park?
Is the built to post to theexhibition of reptiles and amphibians , which ones studies are called herpetology
What´s educational services are available ?
* Specialized library
* Chat and conferences about animals
* Guide route tour
* Exhibitions with agenda
What´s a zoo?
Conservational centers with investigations and education with a really thought of respect and protection for animals and theenvironment .
What animals should the zoo take care of ?
Endangered species because they are really hard to find out in order to show to the public and it has to be a exchange program where varieties of zoo in order to protect them.
Why has animals in the zoo?
The animals in the zoo are toods of work that are useful for the investigation and education with the aim to investigate and conserve the wild...
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