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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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Well, now I will talk about media. Talk of media is to talk of a very long topic but now only I will speak of the major media such as radio, television, newspapers, internet, etc.

As in allcountries, the media play in Peru a important role for both cultural and political life. During the last decades have also emerged rather "easy reading" and of dubious quality and credibility, as well ascheaper and more accessible to citizen.
The oldest newspapers from the nineteenth century, as "El Comercio", which is still in circulation also is the most important newspaper of the country. Otherwidely read newspapers are : "La Republica", "Expreso", "El Correo”Escuchar
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,”Popular”, etc. Some weekly and biweekly magazines are also welcomed for their versatility and variety, and coverpolitics, economics, tourism, education, fashion, entertainment and so forth. We have, for example: "Gente", "Caretas", "Somos ",etc. In Peru there are now 72 daily.

The television is also verydiverse. Few signal channels open, but these are the people who consume more. The first television station in Peru was the channel 7 of the Ministry of Education, which opened on January 17, 1958 by thethen Minister of Education Dr. Jorge Basadre. Its creation was made possible through an agreement with UNESCO.
Then came several commercial stations such as Channel 2, Channel 4, Channel 9television Pan and more.Currently there are 105 television broadcasters in Peru at the national level

The radio is closer to the people "is the slogan that all Peruvian radio stations repeat theirprogramming. In Peru, lots of people listen to the radio at home, at work, on buses. The radio stations most listened to are those including a varied programming: news, art, entertainment, music, interviews,...