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1. Traveling to sky
2. Travel to Europ

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in all Europe. Outstanding monuments, castles and churches meet futuristic new buildings and technologies. Some say this country is one of the most ancient. This is the magic of Portugal! If you want relaxation look for the small villages spread all over the mainland, inside old castles walls or amidstuntouched natural countryside. If you're looking for a tan try the beautiful and long beaches on the Algarve, surrounded by amazing cliffs and crystal clear waters. This is the Portuguese region with the best weather all year round.
The Floating Garden
Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago that lies in the north Atlantic Ocean. Madeira Island is known as the "Jewel of the Atlantic", thefloating Garden. The island, because of its privileged geographical position and mountainous relief, has a surprisingly mild climate. The capital city of Funchal is famous for its market, where you are invited to taste exotic fruits and, can purchase fresh fish and vegetables.
Where art and culture meet nature
Austria is a land of outstanding natural beauty with amazing scenic areasand cultural treasures. Among the most famous sites are the cities of Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna as well as the spectacular mountains and alpine pastures of Tyrol and the picturesque vineyards in the region of Vienna. Breathtaking buildings, such as the Hohensalzburg Fortress, Melk abbey, St. Stephen’s Cathedral or the Imperial Palace in Vienna are only a few examples of Austria’s culturalheritage that will allow you to grasp an idea of the glorious past of this country.Tyrol especially, astonishes its visitors by organising events dedicated to tradition and maintaining with ancient customs, such as the annual celebrations that take place to mark the end of the grazing season or the many other festivals that are held on religious holidays.
A land steeped in history with arich cultural heritage
Germany is proud of its ancient history and the land has an inherent natural beauty. In Bavaria, which lies in the south of Germany, you may explore picturesque castles and discover the country’s varying landscape. The world famous October beer festival alone attracts an impressive number of people to Munich every year. Whereas you will find more cultural highlights in thecities of Dresden, Cologne, Heidelberg and Nuremberg, the area of the Rhine river, which is shrouded in legend, is just perfect to lose yourself in reverie and relax over a glass of excellent wine.
Stunning mountain scenery and cosmopolitan cities
In Switzerland, a country that adheres to ancient traditions, you will still find genuine customs, such as for example “Alpaufzüge andAlpabzüge”- events that go hand in hand with traditional folk festivals before the summer, when farmers take their cattle to alpine pastures and in autumn when the cattle are brought back down to the villages. Switzerland is not only famous for chocolate, cheese, watches and its exclusive ski resorts. This country also boasts one of the world’s most extensive rail networks. If you want to take onone of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, you should therefore not miss the opportunity to book a ticket for the Glacierexpress, which leads you over bridges and through tunnels and presents you with ever new features of the landscape. Cities of melodic names and genuine, historic districts, the spectacular mountains of Switzerland as well as its natural beauty lie waiting to beexplored by you.
A matchless heritage, the result of millennia of history, Italy boasts the world's largest number of Unesco ""World Heritage"" sites. Like the village Su Nuraxi at Barumini or the rock art of Valcamonica, whose origins are lost in prehistory, or the Etruscan necropolises in Cerveteri and Tarquinia, silent witnesses to a mysterious, magical people. A collection of masterpieces...
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