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LLOYD ALEXANDER, one of the most important writer of all times, born in Philadelphia in January, 30, starts his carrier at a very early age, he loves books and read, he learn it by the age of three and at the age of fifteen he already knew he wants to be a writer even though his parents don’t approve it. Without money, toke a job in a bank as a messenger boy, at the age ofnineteen he joined the U.S army then he was transferred to Paris in there he was released from his service. He attended to the University of Paris and meets the author Gertrud Stein and his future wife Janine Denni, and move back to Pennsylvania with his new wife and step daughter, to settle in the Drexel Hill area. He lived there until his death in 2007, just two weeks after his wife's death. Lloydwrote over frothy books, as well as many fantasy novels for young people. One of these stories is “THE MARVELAUS ADVERNTURES OF SEBATIAN” the book that explain in this work, is a wonderful story in my opinion full of images and settings, is about a fiddler boy that lost his job in the opera house where he lived and works, and in his way to found a new live get through many adventures and travel tomany different places. This story was the winner of the National Book Award, but many stories of Alexander won prizes.

Book report

The story is about a fiddler boy Sebastian who plays in a band directed by Baron Purn Hessel. The Principality of Hamelin Loring, these is the place or the country where the story develops, well in different towns of these country, Sebastianadventures take him to many different, beautiful and estranger places.
The adventure starts at home or at least that is what Sebastian call the house where he lives, it was a an opera house full with people , the maids, the chef, the gatekeeper, the other members of the band, in that place lives many people, it is a big house. One day the Count Lobeliese, the Royal Treasure and First Minister of Finance,who Sebastian call the Purse went to visit the Baron, he was a fat man very rich. That day was important to the Baron he wanted to impress the Count. Sebastian prepares to play; he is after all the first fiddle. When the band was all ready to start the concert, Sebastian makes a mistake with his violin that produces a horrible sound. The Count realizes and stand up and ask who did it, Sebastianrecognize his mistake and said it was him. The Count was really furious and when Sebastian tried to explain him that it was a mistake, the Count Get worst, to the point that the Baron most intervened and ask Sebastian to leave the house, and to go. Sebastian at first doesn´t get upset, in his head he was thinking that the Baron only said that to him to calm the Count and when he was gone it will beal O.K.
But Sebastian was wrong, he went to his room that was in the east part of the house and started to collect his things that was not much and put it all in a green bag. He was still hoping that a servant will come and would say that everything is O.K but nothing happened. He went downstairs go to the main door and go out. He was now without a home, friend, or money and the most importantwith no place to go. At first Sebastian is like in shock but then he said to himself that everything will be fine.
He began to walk thinking were he could go, there are many roads but he was not sure of one after all he was only a boy, so he started to play with a peddle in the road and after walking for a while gets tired and hungry. He gets to a town, in there he went to The Marry Host of Dorn,it was an inn. Inside the inn there was all kind of people, Sebastian looks for the innkeeper, this was a thin, short man in spite of that Sebastian get close to him and ask him for a bed and food, the innkeeper said that ok but first Sebastian needs to pay, he pulled out a couple of coins from his pocket and the innkeeper was so rude with him, yell it that the money wasn´t enough and kicking...
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