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As English teachers we asked ourselves about which experience should we share, every day is different although we teach different groups, we have shared together experiences that wewill never forget and now our first step for this assessment is to choose one of those incredible experiences.
We have been taught to be instructors, supervisors and advisers but we have foundthrough our teaching experience that we are also mothers, psychologists, classmates, guides, older sisters, actors and chiefly friends. Now we can mention that being an English teacher is not a simply taskand playing those different roles is what we are going to talk about.
We are aware that different kinds of students require different ways of teaching and we know that childrenneed patience.
Our first experience with kids was for our surprise unforgettable and enjoyable; at the beginning we had no idea how to develop the class we remember that we had elementary schoolchildren, we were so nervous of not getting their attention and we didn’t have any books or material to develop the class, we managed to solve that and we do our best.
There were two memorable classes inour two months cycle; the first one was to sing a song called “the jobs” with a helpful video and lyrics, while we were playing the tape we help them to get the meaning of the words with pictures andmime, and we finished singing together so loudly it was such a fun and useful class; and the second one was to prepare a hamburger with all the ingredients needed, the students brought a hamburgerfrom their homes and we gave them bread, tomatoes, French fries and sauces then we taught them vocabulary and some phrases as: “First we cut a slice of bread..”, at the end of the class all the studentsincluding us have a big and delicious sandwich to eat.
We have to mention too our first contact with the children`s parents we had responsibilities like controlling the children and keeping them...
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