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All of these points reflect the type of power that humans have to control our existence as we know it. From the points that George Orwell mixed and create thoughts and fears about what future thehuman race was able to create. The point that was more vividly is the motto of the Party. The motto is: Those who control the past, the present and the future. This slogan played a main part in the plot.George Orwell incorporated this theme into the story to show the kind of power that the party actually had. The party did control the present, so they were able to do with it what they wished. Themembers of the party rewrote history at every current change, whether the changes be as simple as a human dying or a change of enemy in the ongoing war. The party had every piece of literature rewrittenand every photo reproduced to fit their fictional stories of war success and economic advance. By having this power, to control the past, they controlled the future. With the power to control thefuture of the human race, the Party manipulated the human body and its functions. It also controlled the humanity and mind through physical experiments and the enforcement of complete orthodoxy to fittheir needs. This absolute power is everlasting and definite. This idea of total power made the line memorable.

This meant that a person was to know and believe in one idea while subconsciouslyknowing that it was wrong. Everyone knew the ideas of the Party, forgot them when they didn’t serve a specific purpose, and then they remembered them again when they were needed. This meant a person wasto know and believe in one idea while subconsciously knowing that it was wrong. Everyone knew the ideas of the party, forgot them when they were needed. This could all happen to a person with in asingle moment. After the moment passed, the idea was forgotten again. One of the concepts of the party was that two plus two equals five. Everyone was to believe this if and when the Party said so. If...
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