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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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Consider what we already have and use it in Honduras we have ocean and soil we need facilities of loans with low interests and subside these people
Savings, trade, technology
Countryshould produce energy with water not petroleum
Atlantic coast in Honduras “palma Africana” “banana” peasenst sold it didn’t know how to use it wanted them back but even though they did not have theknowledge to work the soil
South theres no water sr. Molina used technology established irrigation system melons recognized for trading melon
Olancho tilapia farm
San Lorenzo y Cholutecashrimp farm
Education is the basic so people can have access to bettering the technology to have better and more products to sell and trade
Accessibility health and education provided so people maystay in their towns and not come to the big cities just how people decide to leave to the united states
80% of doctors came from town and 20% went back others stayed here because of a better educationand better access
Concentrate on develop towns the idea of municipalize
Biosphere of el rio platano dam hydroelectric power el cajon we could even sell energy to other countries like for exampleEcuador who sells energy to brazil and we wouldn’t have to spend that much in petroleum
Specialiazed people in a short term train their children in a long term universities in Honduras shouldspecialize in agriculture and provide the education directly in the town
Harvest remains population grows
Geographic advantage
Government corruption leaving gaps in infrastructure
Democracy 30 yearsno plan of economic enrichment or betternes of rural places
No serious compromise
Extremely slow or none economic growth took us to a coup in 2009 lack of confidence
Teachers strike gov lostcontrol and let students pass to their next year having lost four months of school
Last 10 years pleito between gov and teachers education downward
Young more old less
After the coup...
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