Ensayo literario de la divina comedia

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The Divine Comedy
The epic poem written by Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, is one of the greatest works of world literature of all times. The Divine Comedy is Dante’s explanation of the journeyof the soul after life to reach heaven. Dante himself is the protagonist of the story. His goal is meet God in heaven, but to do so, he must travel through the Inferno and the Purgatorio. Threerelevant literary tools used by the author are: character, symbolism, and allusion. The Divine Comedy is Dante’s life self-analysis, he found himself spiritually lost and he wants to get back to the rightpath and reunite with God.
The protagonist is Dante himself. The qualities Dante assigned to himself figures in the beginning of the plot. Dante starts the poem like this:
Midway of life,
in adark forest, I was
because my path had lost.
The beginning of the story is an allegory, which means it is not literal. Dante says he is lost in a dark forest because he had lost his path, but thatisn’t the only meaning, it also has an allegoric meaning which tells us that the dark forest represents evil and sin, Dante says he has lost his path, because he had lost himself into the dark path of sin.Since the beginning of the story Dante assigned his qualities as a character, Dante’s character is afraid, away from the right path, committing sins, far from God, but he is regretted and he wants toreturn to the right path and reunite with God. Dante was very lost, that’s why Virgil crosses into his way and will guide him through hell and then purgatory to finally reach heaven. By travelingthrough hell and purgatory, Dante will realize his mistakes and incorrect behaviors, behaviors that will take him to hell when he dies. Through his journey Dante will eliminate his wrong behaviors andstart recovering more and more the faith. The Divine Comedy has a happy ending, after all the awful things he sees in hell, he will finally meet God. That’s why Dante titled his piece as La Commedia,...
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