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  • Publicado : 22 de abril de 2010
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World Mobile
The Lider in Customer Service and Sales in The Telecommunications Industry in USA and Puerto Rico

The change in the telecommunications industry in P.R and USVI started inSeptember 2008, when World Mobile bought Star Wireless. This investment was done with the one and only purpose of expanding World Mobile’s range, services and technology around the Caribbean area. Withthis investment we’ve established ourselves as one of the top companies in this field, at a global level. Further on I will be explaining to all of you some of our products, services and technologiesavailable to all of you at the touch of your fingers.

For the past 8 years we have won the highly prestigious award of excellence from J.D Power and Associates, this company J.D Power andAssociates specializes in evaluating the quality in all areas of the telecommunications industry and services. Conducting a series of tests, polls, and interviews at a global scale. This award has boostedthe customer’s confidence, respect and trust of our brand. This has given us an incredible increase in sales and customer awareness of our brand. We as a company take pride in concentrating in ourcustomers, making them feel joyful and unique with our personalized service. This service will be the same at any store, kiosk or establishment bearing our company logo. This is one of the many reasonsthat in this past year we have increase our net sales in 30 % versus last year. We deducted from this that we are in the right path and also inspire and motivates us to strive towards excellence in ourservice to any customer.

World Mobile, my company was the first one in established an unlimited alternative to all of our customers for only $19.99 monthly fee. This offer started the newera know as: The Unlimited Plan Era. Our competitors have tried to imitate our plans but at this time they have not been able to match us. Also we offer a variety of services in data, internet and...