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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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There are several reasons why I like sailing so much and I believe that the main ones are: sailing have place in the ocean, it is a verychallenging sport and it is an awesome form fo traveling.
I have always loved the ocean; moreover I think it is a marvelous ecosystem where one can getinvolved with nature. When I’m sailing across a the Atlantic ocean to get from my home country to any country of Europe I always see whales, dolphins, birds andother animals that otherwise would be impossible to see.
When I think about sailing challenge comes to my mind. In fact there are some competitions like theVolvo Ocean Race and the Rolex Regatta where crews have to sail long distances facing very difficult conditions to win the race. Thus the crew must be able towork in group well and to solve problems very fast, this means that they must have the technical knowledge and the ability to repair the boat if it is neededand to find forms to continue in the race even if the vessel is not in good conditions.
However not everything in sailing is about competition, I think thatsailing is an excellent way of traveling. You can go to places that are difficult to reach through other ways of traveling for example virgin beaches.Nonetheless lots of people have this opportunity. Sailing is a very expensive sport for instance a vessel could cost up to hundreds thousands dollars.
In regardsto these reasons sailing to me is the best sport as long as it involves traveling, getting involved with nature and working in group to solve problems.
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