Ensayo sobre el infierno de dante (eng)

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The Infernal Essay

Even when in the dark depths of hell, humans are stubborn as to what their fate this, and stubborn as to what they are allowed to do. Even though they are in hell, they uselessly hope that they can escape one way or another. This is a theme that is constant throughout The Inferno, as in, how hope is destroyed and not allowed to emerge, which is represented throughimagery and symbolism as most of the examples are situational and are represented by the corresponding occurrence.
While there may have been men of good character, whom under other circumstances would be worthy of going to heaven, Virgil, along with other companions, are in Limbo nonetheless. It doesn’t matter that they were good men, and even though it wasn’t their fault, they must stay here, withno hope of ever going to a better place. Virgil even states, “And don’t you ask, what spirits are these? Before you go on, I tell you: they did not sin; if they have merit, it can’t suffice without baptism, portal to the faith you maintain. Some lived before Christian faith, so that they did not worship God aright […] through this, no other fault, we are lost, afflicted only this one way: thathaving no hope, we live in longing” (IV 24-32). Not only does this kill the hope of the people in Limbo, but what it states is that other people, no matter how good they may be, have no hope of going to heaven if they are not Christians.
Meanwhile, in parts where the truly wicked reside, their plots fueled by hope that they can get out, are also destroyed. The mere human feeling, that anything isable to be overcome, brings hope to the men, and they decide to give their plots a try. “[A]n uproar surprised us, just as when a hunter mindful of wild boar and the chase suddenly hearsthe beasts and crashing brush. There on our left came two at a desperate pace, naked, torn, so hard pressed they seemed to crash headlong through every tangle the wood contained. […] And then, perhaps because hisbreath began to fail him, he stopped and hunched against a bush as if to make himself and its branches one. Behind them, eager as greyhounds off the leash, black bitches filled the woods, avid and quick. They set their teeth on the one who stopped to crouch, and tore his limbs apart; and then they took the wretched members away” (XIII 105-122). The men are getting torn apart by these demon dogs,however, this imagery can also be taken as symbolism. What it can also be is that the dogs are tearing at their hope and drunken bravery. Along with the limbs that are ever important for a chance to run away are being torn, so is the hope they carried with them. And this is most definitely a deterrent, and the men will probably not do this again.
In another ring of hell, the little surface of hopethat rises from one man, gives him the courage and boldness to attempt running away. However, the demons aren’t so sure he’ll be able to do it, and they warn him, “If you dare plunge back in again, I’ll not come merely galloping after you, but beating my wings above the pitch. The screen formed by the bank will hide us when we go down from this ride: we’ll see if you, alone, are a match for all ofus” (XXII 109-114). Even though the demons are trying to push down his hope by warning him that their chase will end devastatingly, the man decides to take his chances with it, as he is merely holding on to his last bit of hope—that he can run away like this. “[T]he Navarrese suddenly leaped and instantly broke free out of their custody. Each demon, at this, felt stung by his misdoing—especiallyhe who caused the blunder. So crying out, “You’re caught!” he flew away in pursuit, but futilely: Wings could not gain on terror; down out of sight the sinner dove, and the demon swooped back up, raising his breast […]. Then Calcabrina, who was furious the trick had worked, went flying after the pair, eager to see the sinner evade the chase so there could be a fight. When the barrater had...
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