Ensayo sustentabilidad

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Hi! I think this course is really interesting, I am learning very much and I thank all the information provided on it, but while I was watching the videos about the predictions for the worldpopulation on the 2050 and 2100 I wondered if this really could happen because as I see, we not only are having a lot of global problems such as environmental damage, health problems, "natural" catastrophes,war and social problems which are not included on this predictions due to all of this are uncertain and cannot be known how will they affect the world population growth but also life expectancydepends on many determiner factors such as lifestyle, environment, residents income, medical and technological development among others, then I think that if we continue consuming the natural sources,causing the air and water pollution, killing plants and animals extinguishing the biodiversity and finally causing the planet death I don't think human population could increase until the calculated 10billion people for 2050, in addition I don’t think this was very healthy for the planet because as we know while world population increases it also increases social and health problems in most of thecountries, this causes governments worry about their countries economy and their people support over the sustainability an example of this is what happened with petroleum exploit, some countries aremore interested on getting economical benefits from the extraction and processing of crude oil than in the development of new and environment-friendly forms of energy generation, this immeasurable misuseof the resources that the planet give us are taking us to live under critical conditions such as high levels of bad UV rays, the biggest earthquakes that causes a lot of people deaths and tsunamis,unknown diseases, increment of children mortality, pandemics, global warming (and consequently the melt polar ice down)

In summary, if we don’t change the way we are using the natural resources...
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