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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2012
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My Preferred Electronic Device

Almost every human being has an electronic device that they take care of and cherish. Mankind has made technology a part of our daily lives. Therefore, we have towork hard to get what we want that is enough to satisfy our needs and interests. That’s why, of every electronic gadget that exist there is one that makes me who I am. Indeed, my preferredelectronic device is a digital camera.
The digital camera that I own, I bought myself with the money I earned working hard on summer. It is color black which makes it look fancy and attractive. At its backit has a wide LCD screen. When you take a picture you can see how colorful and vivid it looks. They show the wonders of nature, family and friends. Also, it contains an extense lense of 30x zoom;that makes it easier to capture an image from a distance. It is all magnificently radiant.
Not just how it looks is what makes it interesting, moreover, the sensation you can feel as you grab it andhold it with your bare hands. For example, its weight is kind of heavy making it feel like you are holding a delicate baby and for nothing in the world you can drop it so that it doesn’t get hurt.In addition, it has a rough rubber cover which helps protect it from scratches and different kinds of damages. I protect it like if my life depended on it. The buttons it contains are so delicate,that you have to press them very nicely and handle them with care.
Likewise, it has a speaker so that you can hear the different sounds. It sounds when I turn it on or off; like if you were hearinga small and delicate cricket. Even when you are watching images on the camera, at every transition you make from one picture to another it has an interesting sound. As you take a picture and pressthe shooting button you can hear when you just capture what can be an amazingly memory for the rest of your life.
Without a doubt, the camera that I possess is so special to me and one of the best...