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The Provisional Republic government of China
The provisional government was created the 10th of October 1911 by Sun Zhong Shang, He developed a Political programme based on the 3 principals of thepeople, nationalism, democracy and Social Benefit.
In 1895 the Asociation for the regeneration of China, founded by himself, organized the first republican opposition, he then was forced to leave toJapan and later to Europe.
He was cought in London where he was taken to the chinesse embasy, soon the british aouthorities found about Suns situation and made the responsables of the embasy torelease him.
Sun continued with his revolution, mean while he had more followers each time. These people made a WUHAN ( campain to overthrow the Quing) while Sun still was exilated.
When therepresentatives of the 17 provinces of China met in Nanjing (South-East of China) , they formed the Provisional Republic Goverment of China. Sun returned to China to become president but he was forced to retire.Juan Shikai, head leader of the imperial army, dissolved the republican provisional government and modificated the constitution in order to become ruler of the republic.He proclaimed it self aschinas emperor in 1915.
Between 1916 and 1927, the government of Beijing lost its authoritie over the far provinces, wich provoke the division of the country in regions.
The 4th of May 1919 the massivemanifestation in front of the Door of the peace of Beijing to protest against Japanesse taking over Shandong. These would later create a movement called Communism.
The Guomidang
After the fall ofthe Quing Dynasty, the Guomidang a nationalist party, took the power, the was leader Jiang Jieshi . T
he Guomidang was founded in Guangdong Province on August 25, 1912 from a collection of severalrevolutionary groups that had successfully overthrown the Qing Dynasty in the Xinhai Revolution, including the Revolutionary Alliance, as a moderate democratic socialist party.
This party was against...
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