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Arab World

Nowadays we live in a world in which cultural differences are one of the most principal factors in relationships; we are submerged in a huge variety of cultures that make thatwe are interconnected. Therefore we are surrounded in a mixture of: customs, religions, languages, that allow to that every day is one better communication among all the human beings.
With this essaythe main objective is show how in our world we can have many types of differences, but this situation can help us to understand many viewpoints and customs that we can seem incomprehensible ordifficult to understand.
In the case of Americans and Arabs, we can find many differences and perceptions in many senses, for example in the conception of the body, in Arab culture is most important theEgo than the body, because they have the custom to push or pinch another person in public, and this is totally normal, for them the person is in another place down inside the body however the case ofthe ego is different because in their conception the ego is a little bit vulnerable because it is not hidden and could be hurting just with an insult, they can’t find a word that explain this conduct inwhich a person insult to another touching their bodies. In American cultures is the opposite because when someone touches you without your permission you will feel uncomfortable and annoyed, or inthe worse one of the cases a great problem can be formed, and this in our culture is something disrespectful, for American people this type of action to pinch or push another person is abruptness acts,and perhaps this are conducts that only can be given within the familiar home, not outside.
An important custom in Arabic world is the capacity, like everyone else in the world to make their ownrules, like the case of the use of senses in order to observe and to distinguish the patterns of behavior of others like the case of Olfaction that occupies a very important place in the Arab life...
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