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1. What’s your favorite music?
2. What religion you are?
3. Do you like English?
4. Do you know another language?
5. Do you like draw?
6. Whichtype of clothes you used when you were young?
7. Do you lean Santos?
8. What religion was the most important in this time?
9. in that time what was thefavorite hairstyle?
10. What move did the people?

1. She said that her favorite music was the ranchera
2. She said that hercatholic
3. She said that she did not like English
4. She said that she did not know another language
5. She said that she did like draw in herspare time
6. She said that she used dresses, shawls, hats and sandals
7. She said that she lean Santos
8. She said that she was catholicbecause which was inculcated in that time
9. She said that she used long hair with braids
10. She said that she did not see movies in this timebecause they had no TV

1. He said that him favorite music was the rap
2. He said that him catholic
3. He said that he likeEnglish
4. He said that he did not know another language
5. He said that he did like draw all along
6. He said that he used piped trousersand shirts decorated each
7. He said did not lean politics of Santos
8. He said that he was catholic because it was the most important
9. Hesaid that he used because there are different cuts or styles urban tribes to identify each
10. He said that he was see movies as terror and comedy
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