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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Rafael Alejandro Treviño Zúñiga
Ana Mague Canseco
Advanced English II
Abort, a good option.

Do you ever think what would you do if you get pregnant or if your girlfriend gets pregnant? Thinkin this question for a while, I mean at this age? Think... it would be terrible all your youth and all the years that you have in front you will have to live with a responsibility as big as is a baby.Nowadays the early pregnancy is one of the most common problems in the world and you may know that, maybe you will think that is insane but here I will give you some reasons of why you should abortand in what type of cases.
Before bringing a child to the earth you need to think in the quality of life. This is the most important thing in life the quality of life, how many of you have heard thephrase I prefer live 60 years well spent than 80 years no so good, and that is true because the main goal in life is the happiness, that’s the purpose in life; to be happy, and tell me what will do achild in the Earth that nobody will cares about him and nobody will loves him just be unhappy and that’s no fair for anyone, so I think is a very important aspect that you have to take on count.
Nowlet’s talk about the overpopulation in the Earth which is another serious problem. I think you may know about this problem that nowadays we are living, in the Earth are a lot of people, but many of thispeople is people that nobody cares about them, that live in extremely poverty and no because they want this life is because their parents didn’t were responsible and they born in that situations,does it seems fair to you? No, right? In these cases is when I start to asking me, why not aborted? You can’t be so selfish and think just in you, if you are going to have a kid you need to love him andtake care of him, the overpopulation is a consequence of all the persons that are not responsible with their actios and they just have kids and then let them alone.
Finally the early pregnancy is...
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