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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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Biodiesel School

Topic: Bio diesel

Definition: Bio diesel is an alternative fuel that is composed by wastes, oil and animal fats (Gable, 2010). It can replace the normal gas that contaminate and is tacked out of petroleum, an expensive mineral that is hard to find.

Proposal: We are going to use oil and some wastes of the Gimnasio Campestre's kitchen and with them we are going to makeBio diesel fuel. Those wastes can be useful for some of the scholar transportation vans or some machines that have diesel engines. This can be done because the vans’ engines already work with diesel and we can use the Bio diesel without changing anything of it and in the end we can reuse the oil of the school.

In Colombia there are some companies that already work in the Bio diesel like theseexamples:

1. One is the Federación Nacional de Biocombustible that has worked on the biodiesel, but they especially extract it from oil palm and not that much from the animal fats. That’s because Colombia is the fifth biggest producer of oil palm in the world and they use it for making fuel for the cars’ engines. The plan of using it started back in 2008 all over the country but one of theproblems they had is that they use only 5 percent of biodiesel and 95 percent of normal diesel. (Federación Nacional de Biocombustibles de Colombia, 2006)

2. Ecopetrol is one of the biggest fuel companies in Colombia and it’s working in Biodiesel in the same way: they are making the Biodiesel from oil palm and not from the animal fats but they created a new product called BioCetano which is a newkind of Biodiesel. (Tovar, 2008)

3. Cenipalma is another Colombian company that works with Biodiesel, also made from vegetable oils or oil palm but they used in the Transmilenio buses of Bogota with a percentage of 50% of oil and it worked really good and in total they made 100,000 km and they started using the Biodiesel in more buses. But this also demonstrates that most of the people inColombia worked only with Oil palm Biodiesel and not with the Animal fats. (Cuellar, 2010)

4. Other case in Colombia is called Fedepalma which is studying how the reserves of petroleum are getting over and now more people is using diesel over the normal gas so they created a plan of using the vegetable oil diesel and mix it with ACPM and some alcohols to create the Biodiesel for replacing thenormal Diesel. (Dishington, Fedepalma, 2006)

5. In Colombia there is a study made by Ministerio de Minas y Energia about another way of making a Biofuel called Ethanol, which will reduce the 74% of the greenhouse gases and with the Biodiesel that some companies are developing in Colombia we will reduce the 83% of them. Also the study shows that Colombia is one of the countries that support themost everything related to the environment in South America. Also 40.000 hectares are designed for plantations of biodiesel palms so the Biofuels are only made from the palms and not from other kind of diesel like the Animal fats and it shows that in Colombia the Biodiesel is only made from vegetable oils. (El Espectador, 2012)

Also, around the world there are other companies that work in theBio diesel. Some of them are:

1. Chevron, focused in the human energy and bio diesel. This company is one of the biggest in America that works with this technology and is especially interested in green crude. Chevron studies the pros and cons that this future source can generate and how can they improve this ecologic source. Chevron made their bio diesel based in finished products that arechemically identical to the petroleum. (Chevron, 2012)

2. Other company that is focused in the bio diesel is called Syntroleum. They work with synthetic fuels and renewable sources, and have 20 years of experience in the bio diesel and others synthetic fuels. The company is concentrated in improving the organic fuels to make the production of the Bio diesel easier. Also this company has proven...
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