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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2010
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My name is Ricardo Segovia was born in Mexico City for four years lived in the state, which were wonderful for me. My family decided tochange residence because of insecurity there in those places, so thought of a state which gave them otherwise and decided to come to Aguascalientes. Along with morefamily, my uncle and my grandmother to them also like to live here.
Primarily live in the center for three centuries, we lasted about a year later we moved to the hillof the cross where we live a 3 years.
During that time studying the first three years of primary school first in Lincoln and then on the white house school for 2years. After the next several years from third to sixth grade I went to school j.jesus gomez portugal. then enter the school in general 7 a year and then I switch to 16to finish high school. much progress during those years in every way in my knowledge and skills but above all values.
My family liked this state for its tranquilityand licentiousness, but especially for the safety of children and their good growth. But once more I like Mexico State for its rich colonial and places of Humorous,also in terms of academic standards is because it is much higher.
Delicious food and good atmosphere.
In subsequent studies about my progress and enter the campusconalep one in the center. my grades are good so far and I'm a little behind on their schedule because all via not understand very well that we say jijiji.
in English butthey let me go in this last week, Ponton profeor a great teacher left us a aotobiografia and I'm sure I will put a 10 rating. soon to be finished high school and work.