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  • Publicado : 6 de octubre de 2010
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Mejia Piña Karen
An easily get love
The human is the only living able of have feelings, and one of the most important in the men life is the love which is to feel desire and good thingsbut at the same time inexplicable by a person as what happens with Demetrious and Helena, but not always love is reciprocated like occurs with Lysander and Hermia in a midsummer night’s dream movie.The principal theme of the movie is the love join with a bit of fantasy and magic, the history is funny, for all the Confucianism what generated Oberon (king of fairyland) and him slave Puck, whoseboth used the magic of a flower for join the lovers like Lysander and Hermia, but the thinks lose the control all the lovers change their love history, now Demetrius don’t love to Helena, he lovefell in love with Hermia at the same like the Lysander , but they aren’t the only lovers what changed their feelings the queen if fairyland Tatiana fell in love with Bottom a man with donkey ears.Later Oberon and Puck discovered what they make a hodgepodge with the lovers, and when Oberon saw what him darling Tatiana is fell in love with a donkey he orders to Puck back everything to normal butmaking what now Lysander fell in love with the Hermia.
The love is a felling what have to be received and given for the two persons what shaping the relationship, fell in love is integrated for alot work, the fell in love is like build a bridge where someone have to worked until the middle of the construction, of both work in it, at the finely they can be so happy. However the thinks in thelove aren’t easy get. The fell in love been so easy if the people can used thinks like the magic and the fantasy like in the movie.
Now the people are more realistic, not all believe in the truelove and the eternity love. The love didn’t have to be forged, because in the real love is magic but not through tricks. And we have to understand what now every time we going to win in the love game.
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