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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2011
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I am Richard Joseph, a bank and broker based in Bahamas. I was recently appointed as a board member in a big Caribbean bank. In the course of a general audit verification headed by myunit, i uncovered several bonds domiciled in different trust accounts.

The executive Budget bill of the bank was read last week to kick off the fiscal year and to my amazement, the trust accountswere not mentioned. I am in possession of the deposit files of these accounts. Because intangible personal property, such as a stock, bond or bank account, is deemed to be located where the trustee isdomiciled, a trust that was established by a nonresident but has a resident code pays no State income tax if it does not own real estate or tangible personal property located in the region.

Thetruth of the matter is that the owners of these accounts are either deceased or incapacitated and of course non-residents . These bonds will continue to yield interest to the benefit of the bank untilthe are discovered some day. I consider the situation an opportunity to make riches since i can comfortably program your information, enter your signature in the data base and register your transactionin the telephone banking unit.

It will take only a few weeks before we can start reaping the benefits of this business. I want to reassure you of the legitimacy while promising to handle my side ofthe business maturely. We may be required to spend a little money in getting the domicile accounts activated, but it is tax free and will be conducted solely over the telephone. Showing your face isentirely not necessary and you must never mention my name to any staff of the bank for any reason.

I will give you all the passwords as soon as the transaction is registered with the telephonebanking unit. Its takes utmost confidentiality and composture if we really have to conclude this business successfully. No doubt the proceeds will reward us handsomely, however the modalities for...
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