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Outlines the evolution of facilities design to the point where it is capable of supporting an organizations strategic content. Explains the keyprinciples of strategic facility planning (SFP) and details the key stages of the design process outlines seven steps including elements such as determining space requirements and generating macro layouts.Concludes that SFP can provide the process to turn a facility into a facilitator of competitive advantage and customer perceived added value.

There are several approaches to facility planning andthree of these are illustrated in fig 1 .we have progressed from trial and error methods through systematic to inclusion of strategic component of facility planning this paper outlines the strategicapproach and fig 9. We illustrate the dual purpose of our approach as a diagnostic tool as well as a higher order design tool for work study practitioners .
How do we design a facility to support thecompany’s strategic intent? have you been asked , or for that matter asked yourself ,this question? If you answer in no, you are not alone. many organizations lose their strategic focus when thedecision has been made to build.
In the rush to demonstrate progress, the planning steps may be shortened to the point of elimination just to achieve a layout. Many times this”quicky” layout becomessynonymous with success. The fact that options developed from solid analysis were not evaluated does not become evident until after occupancy and “make work’’ becomes the order of the day .
This is hardlythe best operating strategy.
Strategic facility planning facilitates the corporate strategy by designing facilities to satisfy the strategic relationships.fig 2 present the key relationships that mustbe evaluated and accommodate in a successful facility design.
The ability to facilitate these interactions should be a primary criterion, or set of criteria, in the design of layout options....
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