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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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Grupo :1 – F Asignatura: INGLES
¿En que momento del día comienzas tus actividades diarias?
I am beginning my activitiesafter I get up in the morning to the 5:30 AM
¿Qué haces después de levantarte?
After getting up I am going to the bathroom and brush my teeth and I washed my face
¿Después de tomar una ducha queactividades realizas?
After tanning a shower, shaved my face and the I seen my clothes
¿Qué haces antes de salir de casa?
Before leaving home breakfast, I brush my teeth again and I say goodbye to mywife
¿Qué actividades realizas en tu trabajo?
In my line of work carried out different activities how to investigate, meet with people an the organizing the documentation the office
¿en que momentodel día tomas un descanso para un café ,para descansar o para almorzar y con quien?
In the evening at overwintering, I like a fruit and I share with my colleagues at work
¿Cuándo finalizas tusactividades de trabajo que haces luego?
When he finished the activities of work I am going to my home I give him a hug my wife, me and food at overwintering
¿Cuándo regresa en las tardes a tu casa queactividades realizas?
When I return to my home in the afternoon lunch with my wife and took a nap
¿Cómo defines tu apariencia física?
I am a man of dark complexion, contexture thick of medium statureand somewhat attractive
¿Cómo defines tu rostro?
My face is round and nice
Describe un temperamento
My temperant is a Little strong, I am a little big I am angriest rabies and gives me the liesDescribe un aspecto de tu rostro
My face round I have black hair color eyebrows thick and black expressive eyes and thick lips
Describe la parte que mas te guste de tu apariencia física
The partthat I like most about my physical appearance is the build of my body ,I am thick and looks good the clothes I placed , I also like my eyes that are expressive and by means of these reported many...
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