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Audio Production And criticAl listening
Technical Ear Training

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This book would not have come about without the directand indirect assistance of many people. First, I want to thank all those who have imparted their wisdom and experience about critical listening skills to me, most notably: Peter Cook, John Klepko, Geoff Martin, Tim Martyn, George Massenburg, René Quesnel, and Wieslaw Woszczyk. Thank you to those who helped with the preparation of the manuscript: Steve Bellamy, Justin Crowell, and Tim Sullivan.Thank you to Christopher Kendall, Mary Simoni, Rebecca Sestili, and the Office of the Vice-President for Research at the University of Michigan, as well as Theresa Leonard and The Banff Centre for invaluable support at various points throughout this project. Thank you to Mike Halerz for the cover design. Thank you to students at the University of Michigan and McGill University who provided feedbackand suggestions during the development of the ear training software modules. Thank you to Catharine Steers, Carlin Reagan, Tahya Pawnell, and Laura Aberle at Focal Press for editorial guidance and software testing. Finally, I would like to thank my wonderful wife, Jennifer, for her love and support.



The practice of audio engineering is both an art and a...
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