Enviromental problems

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With or without high fuel prices, each person can drive less and resist the temptation to buy larger, heavier cars, vans, trucks and sports vehicles. If you really need a 4x4 todrive off-roads in wilderness settings, you need a rugged clunker that's already got scratches, dents and mud on the tires. Carry a shovel, axe, chain saw, and a come-along in the back. If you canafford it, add a heavy duty winch up front. Stay off highways.

Governments can encourage the reduction of vehicular use by:
* Promoting Voluntary abstention
* Increase Public Transit -diversify options and limit access to existing roads.
* Separate commercial and private traffic to increase efficient use of roads
* Stop building car-oriented roads and highways
* Replace 30%of the existing roads designed for cars with a variety of transportation options
* In cities, build more walking paths, bicycle routes and roads for small electric vehicles
* Reduce commuting- link residence and business activities by rezoning and rebuilding cities.
* Reward car-pools and car-sharing plans
* Redefine road use by defining access privileges - no longer a right
*Road Tolls and increased gasoline and vehicle registration taxes
* Base car license fees on fuel consumption in the previous year. Use exponential fee rate increase for high fuel consumptionindividuals. 
* Provide generous development grants and tax incentives for all non-polluting transportation alternatives.
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION REDUCES GREENHOUSE GASES AND HELPS OUR ENVIRONMENT:* Public transportation reduces the nation’s carbon emissions by 37 million metric tons annually – equivalent to the electricity used by 4.9 million households. To achieve similar reduction incarbon emissions, every household in New York City, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles combined would have to completely stop using electricity.
* If an individual switches a 20-mile...
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