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As you may of heard I am considering a career opportunity with New York Life and NYLIFE Securities, their broker-Dealer. They offer everything from life insurance to Mutual Funds.In order for me to evaluate if this is something I want to do, they have asked me to complete a survey of questions with several important people I know. This will help me to lear more about people’sattitudes toward the insurance and Financial Service business and how they feel about planning for their financial future. This will also help me determine if this is the right career for me.

Theposition that I am considering is an agent/Financial Service professional
position with the firm. Financial Service Professionals are generally those people who use financial strategies, techniques ,and other services to provide solutions to individuals and business to help them accumulate, protect, and distribute wealth.

Your answers to the following questions are going to be great help. Solet’s get started!

How do you fell about saving and investing on regular basis?

How do you fell about overall financial planning you have done so far?

What are some traits or characteristicsthat you would look for in a financial professional whom you would place your trust with?

Describe a positive experience that you have had with a finacial planner, representative, or agent.

Howimportant has an agent, finacial advisor, or professional been to your over all financial planning strategy?

How often do you think you should meet with your advisor?

How do you feel about whata loss of income would mean to your family?

What thoughts do you have about social security?

How do you feel about providing funds to pay off your mortgage before you retirement?

What comesto mind when you think of a comfortable retirement?

How do you fell about the overall long term status of our U.S market?

How do you fell about your long term care strategy?

How does the...
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