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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Name: Aida Palacios Reyes | Student´s number: 02543697 |
Course title:English VI | Teacher’s name:Carlos Alberto Mendez |
Module: 2. Organizations | Activity:6. spirituality |
Date: 11thMarch ,2011 | |
Bibliography:Wikipedia contributors. "Spirituality." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 11 Mar. 2011. Web. 12 Mar. 2011. |



Spirituality is an adaptation of a person on the set of beliefs, thoughts, concepts, ideas, rituals and attitudes about nature mysticism, which are reflected in a society.Development:

At certain times, the Church has had to emphasize the goodness of the body, against proponents of a spiritualism which condemned as evil everything related to the material. Currently, theyare often facing the opposite extreme: a materialism that ignores the spiritual dimension and it is intended to reduce man to the material dimensions that can be studied by the methods of empiricalscience.

The spirituality of every single religion emphasizes the issues of concern to the culture of it, generating a plurality of spiritualities.

All religions seek the same reality, but eachlanguage expresses their own on their culture. The educational factor of religion is that every doctrine is designed to function as a bridge between a certain frame of mind and spiritual reality that isacculturated in a particular society. This does not delete the absolute value of each religion nor relative.

The spiritual needs of a religion, religions cannot be separated from spirituality. Ifso, it would become mere superstition.

Moral doctrines, worship and religious symbols are the means of access to spirituality using religions.

A lot of people say that we can find theirspiritually practicing yoga or going to spas for have therapies.

In conclusion. Everyone can choose their own beliefs. But, it is going to relate to a religion or just to believe in god. We...
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