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  • Publicado : 8 de mayo de 2011
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Comparing Tecmilenio with USA and other Tecmilenio

The education in Mexico is very different from the education in the United States. Theyuse different grade level systems and different national budgets for education. Both of these countries have successful educational programs, and havehigh standards. Mexico uses are very different grade level system from America.

University is a scary thing on its own. Leaving to go be on your ownaway from parents and the rest of your friends to start your own life and how your going to live it. Choosing a university can be a very tough decisionthere are many things that one must think about in order to decide which one is right for you and will you be accepted. So when i was in this point of mylife I prefer Mexico to study my university , and when I came to the Tec an told me about all the benefits that i could have I accept stay here, butnow , 2 years after I dont think the same, the Tec its only the name, some profesors dont have an idea abut the class, and only a few are good profesorsmaybe is only this campus, some classmates who visited the campus monterrey , say that the other is very good and has nothing to compare with this andcompare the tec with UTPA are other words firts one UTPA has many students and the campus its so big and have a profesors focused on them carrear.

Myconclusion is dont choose a university just for go to the university choose because have all the things that you think that is important for you.
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