Essay of abortion

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Maria, Who was 18 years old, had her boyfriend. They had two years of relationship and an active sexually life. Both prefer not to use condoms or the contraceptive, so theyalways have sex without protection. Once; she was worried and realized that she was pregnant so she and her boyfriend chose the abortion, because it was a good way to skip the problem. She went toan ugly and unsafe place to get the abortion; doing the surgery she couldn’t resist and she died. Now his boyfriend regrets the event.

According the page‘‘ , The rate of abortion per year has been increasing . For example , In 2010 the number of womens that have aborted is 46 million – in the world – ‘’. Nowadays, many couples have sex at an earlyage. The majorities of them don’t know how to prevent pregnancy or don’t want to use some pregnancy control. The majority of women get pregnant but they aren’t prepared to be parents so they havetwo options, to have the baby or to abort. There are several ways of abortions. Even though, Some persons believe that abortion is a good way to reduce problems, I believe that abortion increasedthem.

Followers of abortion think that it will help birth control and reduce poverty. They say ‘‘In the world there are many people that have babies and don’t haveenough money to take their children care . Furthermore This is the reason why there are many children, who don’t have studies’’. (2) On the other hand, I think that they are wrong because abortion ismurder. Moreover, all life on Earth was created by almighty God above, and so it follows that only He can take it away.

Followers of abortion think that the fetus can’t feel , So in thesurgery the fetus are not going to feel anything and the only ones that can take the decision to get a abortion or not is the women . I’m in contrast of that because According the web page...
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