Essay on anarchism 9th grade

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  • Publicado : 18 de junio de 2010
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Yanina Dueri

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The most common definition for Anarchism is stateless a society that allows total individual freedom. The word derives from the Greek words ‘‘a’’ whichmeans none and ‘‘erche’’ authority. People often confuse and compare anarchists with total chaos, terrorism, and massive murder. Even though such anarchists do exist, but anarchists also includeintellectual and philosophical people, including many who loathe the use of violence. Chaos’’ in Greek means the lacking of any order, whatsoever. Despite all the different ‘‘branches’’ that anarchismhas, they are all based on the same principle: rebelling against any type of order. Any situation where there is no internationally/nationally recognized government is considered anarchy. However, inanarchist philosophies, anarchy means an "anarchist society", that is, a society where individuals are free from oppression. We tend to relate anarchism to terrorism or war because our society hasaccustomed us to it; anarchist theories have fundamental critics about governments, and try aiming for a non-hierarchy type of society. Another principle that functions in the Anarchist system isprinciple of equal decision-making power, for if someone becomes more powerful than the rest a chain of commands (or hierarchy) is formed. [1]

A disproportionate amount of classical anarchist theoristsoriginally came from Russia; nonetheless, the anarchist movement had started shortly before 1905. The anarchist movement had prematurely been implemented when the Soviet Power was consolidated. By1938, after a few years of Stalinism there were no sounds of active anarchist activity. Historians consider that Pierre Joseph Proudhon, a French writer from the fourteenth century has been the ‘‘Fatherof the Philosophic Anarchism’’. Towards the end of the 14th century, anarchism has reached a peak in success and popularity among closed circuit of people from France, Spain, Northern Italy and...
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