Essay on blue beard

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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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Throughout history, the role of women has changed completely. Some years ago, women had to devote their entire life to the care of their families; that is, they had to stay at home to attendtheir husband’s needs and to bring up their children. Women could not attend university as it was supposed to be only for men. However, above all this, women had one important duty: they had to betotally obedient to men. First, when very little girls, they had to obey to their fathers’ orders and, later on, once they got married, they had to continue this obedience towards theirhusbands. Fairy Tales had an essential role in instructing little girls to be obedient. These stories warned girls what would happen to them if they were disobedient. Two clear examples are the fairytales “Bluebeard” and “Little Red Riding Hood”. In the first story, Bluebeard tells his wife not to enter a closet at the end of the gallery but as her curiosity is stronger than her will shecannot control her desire and enters into it. Bluebeard realizes this and she is killed. In the modern version, Bluebeard’s wife controls her curiosity and does not open the door to her husband’sprivate room. Nevertheless, he kills her because he considered that act a provocation. In the second story, Little Red Riding Hood visits her grandmother. In her way, she meets a wolf that asksher some questions. When she arrives at her grandmother’s house, she does not realize that the one who is in bed is the wolf and not her grandmother and she is eaten. In the modern version, shenotices that the wolf is dressed up in her grandmother’s nightgown; so she takes an automatic out of her basket and shoots the wolf dead. The two modern versions show us the changes produced inwomen. Bluebeard’s wife could control her intense curiosity and said that her husband needed a room to his own and Little Red Riding Hood was not so easily cheated by the wolf as it used to be.