Essay the grass is singing

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Literature Essay
Dialogue between Moses and Mary.
Mary was at home, in her room, while Moses was washing the dishes. She was thinking about her situation with the servant, of all the attraction shehad for her, when suddenly:
Mary: Moses, would you come here?
Moses: Yes Missus, I’m coming.
The servant leaved the glass he was washing and went quickly to the room where Mary was waiting withthe door open.
Mary: Close the door.
Moses: Yes Missus.
Moses pushed the door and left it a bit opened.
Mary: Would you pass me dress? The grey one at the chair.
Moses: Of course.
Mary: Moses wehave to do something with our situation. I know that I don’t really have a good relationship with Dick, but this isn’t okay. If people notice that something is going on between us, you would bearrested. And everyone that we know would see me with eyes full of hate and disgust.
Moses: So come with me. We both know that you are having a bad time with Mr. Dick. I respect him a lot, but you don´tlove him and he´s not making any good to you. Let´s run away together.
Mary: I wish that it where so simple. We can´t do that.
Moses: Why not? We can do it tonight.
Mary: No Moses. We can´t. Thepolice would find us, we would suffer terrible consequences. You know that this is wrong, we both know it. Look at us, we are completely different. And I am married with Dick. I don’t like him, but Ican´t disappeared just like that.
Moses: I don’t care, I hate seeing you suffer. You are having a miserable life. Mary, you are living with someone that you don´t love, you don´t even care, you needto get out of this situation.
Mary: You really think that I don´t want to leave everything behind? I pass all day long watching you and having a person beside me that I can´t even touch. I always wantto run but it’s impossible!
Moses: So do it! You can´t leave behind all this suffer.
Mary: I don´t know. I’m confused right now. But suppose we run away, where are we going to live? , what are...
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