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  • Publicado : 8 de febrero de 2012
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Centro educativo bilingue interamericano

Monography topic: water blue gold

* Carlos espin
* Richard orellana

Teacre: Mr. Patricio gavilanes

Course:sixth quibio
Year: 2011-2012
The water is a compound made of wo atoms of hydrogen an one of oxygen , the oxygen has -2 value and hydrogen +1 when they get together they exchange their values makinghydrogen -2 and oxygen +1 it is one of the mos t abundant compounds in the world, it is important for all living beings from the smallest to the biggest, plants, insects, animals and humans without the presence of water water life could not be possible in any environment or even planet, water now at days has many usages since cleaning the car or cooking to metallurgic industry, in some processes wateris needed. It Is divided into two big groups the fresh and non-fresh water as fresh water is important it has low quantities making it even more important , as time goes on there will be one point in wich there wont be any water and it will become expensive , with more people and less water it will rise it price getting so high that will be more valuable than petroleum right now causing bigproblems in many ways, could be political problems in wich countries argue for territories with water social problems, people may kill for water, thieves will go on looking for water. As in ancient times tere were wars for gold,now for petroleum, in the future the wars would be for gold this is why the water will become gold, blue gold.

Monography topic: water, blue gold
Chapter 1: water, placedfor life
In our solar system we have eight planets, the third planet closest to the sun is the earth, the place where we live, this is the only planet in our solar system that have confirmed life, this is caused because the presence of water, the total quantity of water in the water is 1.400.000.000 km3 near 3.100 km3 is water around the atmosphere the from the 1000.000 km is in the ground,also experts know that 10.500.000km from fresh water are stored in lakes, rivers, and things like that there is also a very important part in which water is stored, the glaciers and layers of ice in the poles when earth needs water the glaciers melt, around 24.500.000 km are stored in the glaciers, the water keeps on a circuit that is called the cycle of water in which travels all around the worldAt the beginnings of this planet the earth was dry and hot nothing of vapor or a trace of water, but what made of this desert a beautiful planet? The reason are the comets, comets are basically a chunk of ice traveling trough the space they have an orbit but this orbit is not an elipse this is the reason of why they crash, the result of this crashes let in the earth lots of ice which meltedleaving vapor in the atmosphere and this vapor became precipitation and falled as rain cooling the Erath each time it got cooler and cooler and the depressed areas became oceans lakes rivers and so on, this is the reason of why the seas were the first places for life mainly the first living forms where unicellular such as bacterias and plankton.
The first living forms were simple, the just hadtheir ciliums for moving into the water they had a kind of mouth for eating the reason for life to get origin in the seas is the polluted atmosphere over the water surface this made an impossible place for life so the unicellular beings kept on evolving each time the became more and more complex and became multicellular beings with complex systems inside them such an digestive system an exampleof an primitive multicellular living form is the medusa which even has an defense mechanism in it tentacles this kind of creatures kept on evolving until getting as fish that millions of years later went to earth.

The 75 percent of the total weight is water for example a person who weighs 65 kg has 28 liters of water in the body from this 26 or 25 are in the cell insides, 7.5 are in the...
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