Water essay

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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2012
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“Water equals life.” There is water everywhere in the atmosphere in the body of living things and many other places even in places where people don’t expect it. There are many surprising things aboutwater.
For example, there is more water in clouds than in rivers, water could do stuff just as a blade; it is dipole and has two different charges which enables it to do spectacular things. Itbecomes less tense as a solid and it takes volume depending on heat. All water in earth has been recycle millions and millions of times, in some way it always goes back to the ocean. Water encourageschemical reactions and its molecules attract each other. To grow even a single apple takes 25 gallons of water and 12 for meat.
Water has a simple molecular structure. It has one oxygen atom and twohydrogen atoms. Each hydrogen atom is covalently bonded to the oxygen via a shared pair of electrons. It is a polar molecule, this means that there is an uneven distribution of electron density. Theability of ions and other molecules to dissolve in water is due to polarity. Many other properties of water come from hydrogen bonds. For example, ice floats because hydrogen bonds hold water moleculesfurther apart in a solid than in a liquid, where there is one less hydrogen bond per molecule. When water becomes gas the steam can be used to power motors and power plants help create fresh water.
Thewater in oceans, and in 90% of groundwater, is very salty and is unsuitable for people animals and crops. Surface water is rain water that has not yet soaked into the ground or gone into the sea.Ground water is water that is stored in the tiny spaces in certain rocks in the earth’s crust. pure water can become poison. It may have picked up harmful chemicals or microbes on its way into streams orrivers. 75% of water is store in glaciers. 80% of water becomes food usage.
There are many ways in which water is available like, for commercial facilities, domestically and Industrially. Major...
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