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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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NAME: Francisco urrea Cardona
Code: 2055749
Level: 5
Group: 55
English is fundamental in professional life but for a manager

The English language isvery important to our professional life, my career is business administration. For me it is fundamental because in this globalized world, many businesses are made withother countries and know a second language as English is not a luxury but a necessity.
besides being important for our work or professional life is also very importantin our daily lives because every time we have to familiarize ourselves more with this, as we see daily movies are spoken in English, the instructions of ourappliances and so on.
It is important when doing business in other countries even though in many parts of English is not their primary language they understand and practice inbusiness and international relations is necessary to understand it. Moreover, the English has become a requirement when you give one a job.
Many businesses are alsodeveloped in other countries, knowing English is done in a more simple and practical. Also if you speak the language in which you decrease costs incurred if you playhire a translator. Also in addition to this the translator would know that many times information is secret or that others could benefit because there is alwaysbusiness competitors.
The importance of English in our life has no further discussion should take all means at our hand to learn it is a necessity that every day becomesmore great many of the jobs that are currently one of the fundamental requirements is the English skills, so why be left behind with other professionals on the market?
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