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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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Life Before and After Technology: Remarkable Changes

Have you ever imagined yourself living in that time when there was no television, cell phones, computers, or internet? Probably, someaspects of men’s lifestyle have not changed with the development of technology. For instance, men’s natural curiosity to know more and more has always been the same and the role of the family institutionhave not changed either. However, there are some aspects, like health, communication and education, which have changed a great deal due to technology.
Firstly, the way people communicate nowis totally different than many years ago. When there were no phones or internet, the only way people communicated was through letters. This means of communication was very slow and it could be weeksbefore a letter reached destination. Nowadays, there are phones, cell phones, chat rooms, among others. You can send and e-mail to a person who is in another country and they would receive itimmediately. Thanks to technology it is very easy and fast to communicate these days.
Secondly, in the old days, people died constantly of diseases they could not cure. Accidents and emergencies weremuch more difficult to deal with, since there were no ambulances or the hospitals did not have the necessary equipment. Consequently, life expectancy was very low. In our time, medicine has come a longway thanks to technology. Scientist and doctors have state-of-the-art equipment to treat all kinds of illnesses, and to find cures for different diseases.
As regards education, there has been astriking change after the development of technology. Long ago, students learned mainly from books. The system of learning consisted on going to classes, listening to the teacher explanations, go back homeand study from the book. Today, students can get information from the internet and they can relate to students and teachers from other parts of the world. At the same time, teachers can make their...
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