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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2011
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“I am Nujood, age 10 and divorced”

Why some men are like animals which think that women and girls are just sex toys or just are here to do whatever they want?
That is a big mistake. Nujood showsus that women are as powerful as men.

In Yemen, rules and laws are different. Men do everything they want and think they are better than women. Some of them basically sell their daughters to oldermen just because perhaps they have liabilities and it seems they do not care about it. In others words, men force them to get married when they have not entered into puberty.
These girls are victimsof abuse. They are raped and beaten by their “husbands”. They have no idea what to do and they are living in a world full of injustice.

How could someone so young have even been married? This istrue. This is not a fantasy.
Despite all this, girls are afraid of giving their opinions about what they do not want and what they do. Men make them think they do not have rights and that they are justhere to obey their decisions. Most of girls do not know how to read, how to write. They have a big lack of education and it is unfair because they have goals and dreams to strive for. They want agood future; they want to go to school and became the person they have always wished.

Nujood was one of many girls who have been forced to marry. She was abused and raped.
So what did make herspecial unlike other girls? She was tired of being a simple thing, so she decided to say NO. She looked for help and she found it. It was really hard for her but she wanted her freedom, she did not want tobe married anymore with a man three times older than her. After of fighting a lot of time she got it, her divorce was granted. She was free again. With some help she returned to school and wants tobecome a lawyer. Nowadays she is the inspiration of many Yemeni girls and helps them to continue striving for their dreams.

We can do all we want with just putting a little effort and trying. All...
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