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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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My first job

In high school I had to get a job because I had to do the practice of merchandise so I could graduate. That was the first time that I get a job. It was a new experiences forme. My parents always gave me money for school, and for everything that I wanted. So I didn’t care about the money. I spent the money on things that weren’t so important. I didn’t have a car so Ididn’t need gasoline at that time. But all that things were about to change.

When I first started I felt weird because I noticed that I was already an adult. I wasn’t a kid anymore. I likeit and I was very happy. With the past of the days a start to get use to it and I knew all the things that I had to do. The better thing for me was that I was winning my own money. I knew a lot ofpeople. I learn a lot of stuff about business, because it was a business company. It was very cool.

I was studying and working at the same time. One day there was a party from the schooland my friends invited me. I wanted to go so bad, but then I realize that I had to work. At that moment a start to realize that my life was changing and that I was growing up. I started to havemore responsibilities. When my friends went to the beach I couldn’t go because I was working. When they go out after school I couldn’t go either because a was working. But for me the job was moreimportant.

Another thing that I learn with this experiences was to appreciate the money. In the past my parents gave me money for anything that I needed. Now I have to buy things by myselfbecause I have money. So I learn to save money and spent it in important things. Things that I really need. My point is that when my parents gave me money from them I didn’t care about it and Ispent it easily and fast. Now that I got my own money that I won it by myself I am more careful and responsible with it.

So having a job make me change a lot. I learn how to control my...
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