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By the 18th century, the population was composed by 40% indigenous, another 40 percent of mestizos including all intermediate generations and only 20% white (European and American). The first twosocial groups were composed of the uneducated, poor and exploited population; sectors completely displaced from all participation in the general government and from the economy of the Viceroyalty. 20% ofwhites controlled all the power taking nearly all of the profits generated by the colony. However, this group was divided into two camps: the 'peninsular' and the 'Creole', i.e., Europeans andAmericans. At the beginning of the 19th century, the rift had separated the country into two camps: the realist (Spanish) and the insurgent (creoles). This division is generated of who had more right togovern and direct the company, on the one hand the Spaniards believed that they had all the right of power to be the conquerors and owners direct in the colonies, whereupon they could not allow thecreoles, whom had been born in the West Indies (America) and therefore lower, take power. On the other hand, the creoles tired of continuing under the control of the Spanish crown, which was very far to beable to solve appropriately the problems of the New Spain, considered that they were entitled to direct the political and social path of the New Spain. Among the causes that precipitated the greatrevolution of 1810 had their origin in the conditions of the colonial regime, such as the economic and social inequality in its inhabitants, the difficulties that the laws were brought down to theprogress and the contempt with which were seen the children born in America; all of which engendered a deep malaise among the Americans and the government of Spain. At the bottom of the colonial society,there was a deep opposition caused by social and economic differences that made its various elements feel mutual dislike and seek ways to eliminate the inequalities created by the laws for the...
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