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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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The 24hrs Maccas outside Sydney Domestic Airport now hastouchscreen consoles for ordering your meals.
Great for overseas travellers... every menu item has a clear picture, and the consoles accept visa too.
It prints out a receipt. And you wait for yournumber to show up on the screens (to the left of the pic).
Yeah I know. Evil technology impeding our connection with humanity. But it's kind of fun!!
I think they're testing it out. I like it. It'sfun, and the menu is well designed.
There's only 2 cashiers there (1 is cash only). Duno what it all means for the future of our hard-working youf though - if they're all replaced by machines!
Alsothe drinks are handled US-style... they just give you an empty cup, and point you in the direction of the dispensers.
McDonalds McCafe Bus Stops
McDonalds McCafe at bus stops. What a concept inthis cold time of the year, having a hot cup of your favorite beverage while waiting at a bus stop.
The concept was this, the hot beverage steaming up the interior glass at the stop and a man insidedrawing a happy face on the steamed up glass over a big cup of McCafe.
We shot it in the studio and really used a lot of steam on a 5 x 8 foot piece of plate glass.
It was a moist shoot and the finalproducts are popping up all over.
Enjoy a cup today!


PS. The Art Director from this shoot is now working on a freelance basis.
It's hard times in the ad business, so anyone looking for agreat creative, here's a link to his web site.
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