Estudio de tiempos y movimientos

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This new and improved Series incorporates Scientech's unique and unequalled displacement detector, which is the heart of our state of the art, self-adjusting digital servo. The result is a ten-fold increase in weighing performance while maintaining our proven, simple, easy to use, operator interface. The attractive quality of this new design is demonstratedby the CE mark of conformity along with Scientech’s ISO 9000 registration. Every Series 10 K REGISTERED model is a precise weighing device incorporating an impressive list of standard features. Although capable of weighing heavyweight loads, these exemplary performers were designed to indicate featherweight readabilities such as: SA Series Analytical Balances with readabilities of 0.0001g SPSeries Precision Balances with readabilities of 0.001g SL Series Laboratory Balances with readabilities of 0.01g SG Series General Balances with readabilities of 0.1g All Series 10 K balances are microprocessor controlled with Scientech’s exclusive real time temperature compensation algorithm. This revolutionary internal software yields accurate, reproducible results without the need to recalibrateyour balance as the ambient temperature varies. SA Series Analytical weighing demands a high standard of accuracy. The SA Series delivers. Weights from 80 to 510 grams with 0.1mg resolutions are displayed promptly, clearly and reliably. The SA 510 reigns over this analytical series as the first 510 gram balance with a 0.1mg readability. This makes the SA 510 the unrivaled heavyweight of allanalyticals. The SA 80 is the workhorse of the SA realm. This handy performer is perfect for the value conscious user who wants ultra-featherweight readability for a lightweight price. An outstanding feature which can be added to any SA model is the optional motor driven, built-in, calibration weight (9000-INT). This handy accessory gives you the ability to easily recalibrate your SA analytical balance asoften as you wish without having to use an external weight. In combination with our unique real time temperature compensation software, this quality feature assures you of dependable, accurate results. SP Series Pure precision is the title which defines this high flying formation. Able to cradle weights ranging from 150 to 1500 grams with a featherweight resolution of 1mg, this high performanceseries speedily displays results on an easy to use control panel. The first and only 1500 gram balance with a 1mg readability, the SP 1500 is the unequaled heavyweight in this division. Although the SP 150 is the lightweight model in this ensemble, it also boasts an inspiring list of standard features including a circular glass windscreen, as do all SP models. SL Series Ranging from modest toformidable birds of prey, the SL models have an impressive wing span of 400 to 6000 grams and still perceive the touch of a single feather down to 0.01g. With two different sized weighing platforms, these laboratory balances can also be configured to handle your specific weighing environment. SG Series The SG Series is a high capacity family of balances sporting flat, rectangular pans as standardequipment. Easily handling up to 12,000 grams with a feather touch of 0.1g, this species is an accurate, feature-rich line perfect for any high capacity application.

ISO 9000

The heavyweight SA 510 (510g) boasts an ultrafeatherweight readability of 0.1mg.

GLP/GMP/ISO compatible Automatic calibration programs RS232 data interface with user selectable baud rates upto 19,200

Floating Tare™ Unit of Measure Indicator Capacity Tracker

Stability Indicator

Automatic zero tracking Automatic system checkout sequencing Built-in security bracket Stability indicator Live animal weighing Percent weighing Capacity tracker Below balance weighing Microprocessor control Exclusive real time temperature compensation software Parts counting Check...
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