Eulogy by edward kennedy

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Critical Analysis Paper
Eulogy to Robert Kennedy from Edward Kennedy
Address at St Patrick Catholic Church of New York
08 June 1968
A. Introduction
On June 8, 1968, Edward Kennedy dedicated an eulogy to his assassinated brother, the democrat candidate to the presidency of the United States Robert Kennedy. The eulogy speech was at St. Patrick Cathedral on New York City. The purpose of thespeech was not just to honor the memory of his brother for all the hard work Robert made in times of social problems. Also to encouraged people to have the courage and be able to act against hate. I personally chose this specific speech because I believe that the era of the 1960’s was a time of revolution not just in the USA but also in the entire world. These times of anger took away an importantcharacter as Robert Kennedy who was an ideology made to human of equality for many people. I personally admire the ideas of Robert Kennedy and the speech made by his brother Edward gave courage to many people to be able to change and start acting against injustice. The criteria I will be using to grade this speech will be addressing the following questions: (1) Has the speaker satisfied theceremonial purpose of the gathering? (2) Has the speaker selected group values worthy of
perpetuation? (3) Has the speaker given new meaning new meanings to the values (goals selected)? Edward Kennedy created an incredible mixture of feelings among everybody that heard his speech, back then until now. Moral Courage is the message Edward tried to pursue everybody to do in his speech. I will analyze thebackground, context, and history surrounding the time, (2) explain the statement of method chosen to evaluate the speech, (3) analyze the text of the speech using the method of evaluation and (4) in closing I will summarize my analysis.

B. Background /Context / History
Edward Kennedy’s speech was given in the St. Patrick Catholic Cathedral of New York City in 1968. The year of 1968 is one ofthe most turbulent periods in the American history. The year of 1968 was a year of social, political and cultural transformations. The war in Vietnam, the civil right movements, the murder of Martin Luther King and the assassination of Robert Kennedy; the reason why Edward wrote the speech. Leaders were assassinated on the middle of the days as Robert who was murdered in the kitchen of theAmbassador Hotel after given his speech for being the democrat candidate for the presidency of the United States. Edward Kennedy’s eulogy for his brother is one of the most important speeches in the American history. The chaos and urgency at the era demands powerful, touching words to persuade people to act against hate. Edward knew because he was living through a difficult moment like the dead of hisbrother, that there was a need of action for the world to start developing values in the society.

C. Statement of Method
Being the speech and eulogy, which means that there is a tribute to somebody that passed away, this speech more than honoring the qualities of the dead persons wants to persuade and motivate the audience to start developing moral courage.
The first step is to analyze thesatisfaction of the ceremonial purpose. Has the speaker satisfied the ceremonial purpose of the gathering? Social cohesion is the capacity for cooperation in society based on the set of positive effects, something that bring people together in a society such as equity, social inclusions and well being. These concepts are clearly said by Edward Kennedy because he believes there is a problem insociety.
The second step is to analyze if the speaker has selected values of perpetuation. The speaker chose to use the words “moral courage” defined as being the courage to do what is right, no matter what the cost. Taking action when your values are put to the test. The speaker had the choir to encourage his audience to think about their actions and start developing values that would help them...
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