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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2012
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“I think the secret of life is perfect to accept it as it is” said San Juan de la Cruz. In the life we live under certain rules despite our religions, and we must respect that to livein a better way. In fact at the end of the life we go to the same place and we are judged by the same person regardless of whether or not we believe in God. The people who are in favor of euthanasiathey are going against God´s rules, because he said that we don´t have to kill anyone without taking the reasons, even the doctors can´t practice this kind of treatment because they are failing to theiroath. God is the unique person who decides about our lives and is the only who knows the reasons for the suffering of that patient.

Euthanasia is a practice of assisted death that some peopleresort to it when they suffer a terminal illness. Not everyone agrees with this way to avoid the suffering caused by illness, and they decide to accept the life as it is because they have the belief thateverything happens for a reason and wellness of all even if they don´t recognize. When someone suffers from a serious illness, the family usually remains together or get closer to God as they begin topray for the person who love one even some member of the family don´t believe in God and the is when appear hope that is the only person who can do the miracle cure or help to overcome all the pain.Another reason to go against euthanasia is that doctors have a duty to save lives and care for them but not to end it, they made ​​an oath where they said to do everything possible to save lives andtherefore euthanasia is go against their ethics and oath. Patients taking wrong decisions due to pain and depression they experience that involves all the disease, but many of them prefer to live.Supporters say that the patient has a right to stop suffering, so they support the idea of an assisted death. They also feel that it is not fair that a person suffer so much when they have an...
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