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NAME:___________________________________________GROUP:______ ROLL NUM______

I.- Number the parts of the dialog in the correct order.

______Sure. How many cans do you want?
______ Er, a pound, no, wait...half a pound
______ Yes. A packet Of. Chocolate chip cookies and a bottle Of. Cookingoil and I think that´s all.
__1__ Good morning. What can I get for you?
______ Cheese? How much do you want?
______ Hello. I need some cansOf. Chicken soup, please.
___4_ Er... four. And I need a box Of. Corn Flakes...and I want some cheese.
______ Anything else?

II.-Complete thequestions with much or many

1.-How _______ bottles of water do you want?
2.-How ________ cheese do you need?
3.-How ________ tubes of toothpastedo you want?
4.-How ________ salt do you want?

III.-Complete the recipe for scrambled eggs.

1.-______________ two eggs per person and break them into a bowl.
2.-____________ a frying pan or saucepan to warm it up.
3.- ____________ salt and pepper tothe eggs in the bowl and 1 tablespoon of milk per egg and …
4.- ___________ the mixture vigorously.
5.- ___________ the butter tilting the pan andadd the beaten eggs.
6.- When ready, serve and ___enjoy___.

IV.- Match with the correct container
1.- a _________ of bread a) box
2.- a_________ of marmalade b) bag
3- a _________ of cereal c) loaf
4.- a _________ of salt d) can
5.- a ________ of soda e) jar
f) pinch
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