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How old are you?
Where were you born?
What nationality are you?
Whatcolor is your skin?
How tall are you?
How much do you weigh?
What is the color of your eyes?
Which is your favorite color?
What are you wearing now?
What is your hight?
What is your weight?Are you a student?
Is your father a pilot?
Is your mother a housewife?
What does a baker do?
What does a dentist do?
What do doctors do?

II . Change the following sentences to singular orplural and correct any mustakes in them

1. this is pedro`s house

2. those are her fruits

3. tose are Antonio and ana`s books

4. that is liz`car

III Complete with TO BEI_______ Sandra__________ joe and Ana _________

You________ james_______ the cat_________ mary and I_________

IV. Complete with the correspondent possessive pronoun1. this is _________________house
i. pedro’s

2. those are ____________________pens
ii. John and amely`s

3. these are_______________________ pencils

4. are tose ____________________-notebooks?
iv. Me and you (we)

5. is that ______________book?
V . Correct the following sentences

That are our books

No thatis not her chairs

My mother go to my aunt house yesterday

Sandy were studying French last year

VI. Describe your Family (in the back of the page)

VII. Complete with the correctvocabulary

1. The ________________is ___________________the_____________.
Supermercado en frente de cine

2. The_____________is _____________of the ____________
Panadero cerca carnicero

3. The ____________is _______________the_______________...
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