Excesive riches

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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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"The excessive riches can be defined as precisely as we might define the poverty must be a line have a wealth that no one should pass and just as apoverty line below which there should be not. This phrase is found in a notice and I was confused. It is true that perhaps there should be a pointthat no one should go beyond and yet is absurd because while some struggle to get where they want others do nothing to achieve what you want. Everyonereap what you sow and if you try you might have dreamed all
Many people say money is not happiness because you can not buy health or love. But thetruth is that poverty does not guarantee that we will be happy, healthy and we know our partner. On the contrary, the less money we have, the lesslikely we are to stay healthy, happy and meet their ideal match.
Although having a lot of money is good, like all things if you do not have a balancein their use can have negative things and these would be the disadvantages. People may be out of focus and forget how important that really makes youhappy. People can make so many trips for fun and abandon to leave their loved ones. The abandoning his family could cause divorce and the children'scould presented behavior problems, disorientation in life, feelings of abandonment that the prejudice in his adult life, etc.
But although thereare disadvantages, the advantages of having money are endless. If channeled in a good way is more that can be built with money that could be destroyed.
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