Excretory system

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The excretory system is responsible for removing wastes produced by the body. These wastes must be removed, or excreted, in order for the body to remain healthy. The human excretory system includes the skin, the kidneys, the large intestines and the liver. Each of these organs helps the body to excrete or eliminate waste that the body takes in when it eats or drinks something, or that the bodyproduces during metabolic or life functions.
The major organs included in the excretory system are the lungs, liver, kidneys and the skin. The excretory system removes wastes that accumulate in the body.
1. Significance
* The excretory system is necessary to a healthy body. Waste products collect in the body and can be toxic unless they are eliminated. The organs of the excretory systemwork together to eliminate wastes and maintain a healthy body.
* The organs of the excretory system work together to take these toxins out of the body. Blood flows through the lungs carrying wastes. Respiration takes place and removes those wastes cleaning the blood. The liver breaks down toxic substances and converts some of them to nontoxic substances. The kidneys filter bloodby removing wastes and sending liquid waste to the bladder for elimination. The skin eliminates wastes through sweating.
* The lungs are found in the chest area on either side of the breastbone. The liver is in the upper right section of the abdomen below the diaphragm. The two kidneys are at the end of the abdomen on either side of the spine. The skin covers the entire bodyand contains glands that allow it to sweat.
* If any of the major organs malfunction or stop working, it can cause harm to the body. If both kidneys stop working, then waste must be eliminated by mechanical measures called dialysis. Blood is run through a machine to remove the wastes, then in is run back into the body to collect more waste. This process must be done periodically toprevent dangerous build-up of waste.
* There is a misconception that the excretory system will not work with only one kidney. That is false. One kidney is sufficient for the system to work. It is only when neither kidney will work that the excretory system is in danger.
The excretory system is responsible for eliminating toxic waste from the body and maintaining the properbalance of water and salt in the blood. The excretory system is composed of the kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra. The kidneys are the main component of the excretory system; they filter the blood and produce urine. The other parts are used in the storage (bladder) and transport (ureter, urethra) of the urine. Although the parts are relatively simple, a normally functioning excretory system isvital to survival
Your body is continually producing waste as it prepares the nutrients you consume to be used for energy. Your excretory system removes these waste products to allow your body to function better. If your excretory system fails and waste is not removed, you could die.
The excretory system is one of the many systems that helps keep the human body running smoothly. This is done by"finding and removing waste materials produced by the body," as noted by the Franklin Institute Resources for Science Learning.
1. Identification
* The kidneys, liver, lower intestines, lungs and skin are the organs of the excretory system.
* The four functions of the excretory system, according to ThinkQuest.org, are to get rid of wastes, eliminate useless byproductsexcreted from cells, eradicate harmful chemical buildups and maintain a steady, balanced chemical concentration in the body.
* According to AGC United Learning's Human Body Systems Series, "if wastes build up, they can poison the body. They can also prevent oxygen and food from entering the cells. These wastes include carbon dioxide, urea, nitrogen, inorganic salt and heat."...
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