Execution management

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2011
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Execution Management
“The critical link between project aspirations and results”

The nuclear power plants of ALMARAZ, TRILLO and COFRENTES (IBERDROLA) have decided to change the way to managetheir engineering activities. They have replaced their old project management model, with a new methodology called “Critical Chain”, developed by Doctor Goldratt. They have achieved outstanding resultsin the improvement of productivity and quality.
In other words, with the same people they are making projects in a 20% shorter period of time. As a direct consequence, the Engineer departments areable to complete more projects with the same resources by keeping the quality of the final product.

After working in many different project scenarios where the symptoms were similar to the onesdescribed in this article, the conclusion is that technical time of execution is around 30 % of the total time of project. The other 70% are interruptions and Parkinson’s Law. This is shows that technicalsolutions are just a little part of the solution.

We believe that is necessary to replace the current “project management rules” with other rules that will foster the action minimizing theinterruptions and Parkinson’s Law. The key for improvement comes from the Execution Management.

CMG Consultores is one of the leaders companies in Europe in the implementation of “Critical Chain”methodology. In order to achieve this goal CMG signed a strategic alliance with Realization Technologies, Inc. eight years ago. Realization, located in California, USA is the leading implementer of CriticalChain Execution Management in the world, along with execution management system called “CONCERTO” that is based on Critical Chain principles and is deployed in the Nuclear Power Plants of Almaraz,Trillo and Cofrentes.

In addition to Energy industry, Critical Chain has been implemented in a wide range of organizations. Among these we find DELTA AIR LINES, USA AIRFORCE, BOEING, TATA STEEL,...
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